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The main habitat of the grey squirrel is broad

leaved and mixed broad leaved/conifer woodland.

The grey squirrel is also found in hedgerows as

well as being a common resident in urban

areas where there are trees .


The body length of a squirrel is 25cm plus

22cm of tail weighing 500gm. The winter coat is

grey above with a white underside, the summer coat

is shorter sleeker and brownish grey above.


Red squirrels have red/brown upper parts in summer but may show some grey on the back in winter leading to some confusion. Red squirrels are smaller and lighter than the grey squirrel and have ear tufts prominent in the winter coat and brown on the legs and tail.


There are two squirrel breeding seasons a year, first squirrel litters are born in February and March and gestation is 45 days. The young squirrels are weaned at 10 weeks. Second litters are born June and July with an average litter of  3-4.


Control Methods

Squirrels will need to be treated using instant kill traps. They will normally be placed into loft areas which is where they will tend to enter a property. Unfortunately the traps are not able to be placed in open/public areas which includes external areas.



To prevent squirrels from entering your property ensure that any holes in or around the roof are sealed and there are no overgrown large bushes or trees adjacent to the property that may allow them to climb up and gain access into the property.

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