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Cockroach Control

Infestation and control services at home or at work

Mouse and Rat Control

Business vermin control & eradication of mice and rats at home.

Wasp Control

De-activation of live wasp nests  

Bed Bug Control

Extermination and control at home or at your business premises


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Flea Control

Domestic and Commercial Flea extermination and control


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Budget Pest Control

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* Call out costs and Survey are included as part of the treatment costs.

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Do I have to be there?

If the problem is outside, for instance a wasps nest in the

back garden, you do not have to be there. For security and

insurance reasons we will not go into a property without the

householder, or their representative (over the age of 16), being present.


Can I make an appointment?

In most cases, yes. We can usually arrange an appointment

Monday - Sunday between 9am and 5pm given a few days notice.


How long does treatment take?

It depends on the depst. One course of treatment is usually enough for most insects. Insect treatments, including wasps, can be as quick as a few minutes.Fleas and Bed bUgs may require more than one visit.


For rats and mice it often takes a while to find where they might be coming from and to lay poison trays. In rare cases a second set of treatments can be made to check whether the poison has been eaten. A course iof treatments includes 2 visits.


Does pest control deal with bees?

No, we do not deal with bees. However, if you discover a swarm or colony in your garden, do not destroy it.

Take a look at the British Beekeepers Association website  for details of your local beekeepers who may be able to advise you.


Will household pets be okay when poison is put down for mice/rats?

Our Pest Control Technicians are all fully trained and competent. We always take care when laying poisons to ensure that we minimize the risk to pets and other small animals and may even refuse to use some materials where we feel it is unsafe to do so. We will require pet owners to keep their pets and small children away from areas where we have carried out some treatments and Information will be left at the time of visit. If you have concerns please make these known to the pest control technician at the time of his visit.


Are the chemicals used safe for humans?

Yes, we only use materials which have been tested to ensure that they are not harmful to humans in normal use/conditions. We always leave information about the materials we have used with the householder together with emergency medical advice in the unlikely case that there is any untoward reaction by an individual.



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